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At Direct Connection Chiropractic we realize that spinal bones moved slightly out of place, interferes with the nervous system. It is through the adjustments that inner balance is reestablished, which results in good health.

Shape Reclaimed

SHAPE breaks down stored fat quickly, effectively, and safely. Not only are people losing excess weight, they are eliminating symptoms such as; headaches, fatigue, insomnia, digestive complaints, etc.


Facial Diagnosis

Through facial diagnosis we can understand more about a person’s health. Many times a problem will show up on the face before it causes a health issue in the body.


Bio-Mat has superior health benefits including improved circulation, cardiovascular function, immune system, skin, relieves pain, burns calories and controls weight, eases joint pain and stiffness, reduces stress and fatigue, removes bodily toxins.


Diamondskin Microdermabrasion

The Diamondskin is an effective treatment to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, scars, and acne blemishes.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Facial sculpting is a gentle, relaxing, noninvasive skin rejuvenation procedure. This progressive method of delivering volumes of energy deep into the layers of the skin while releasing nature’s own collagen, is achieved through micro current wave patterns.

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  • Dr. Penny is awesome!!

    Stephanie R
  • Dr. Penny is the best chiropractor I've been to.

    Cynthia E
  • I was having pain at a level 8 out of 10 with any kind of movement barely functional. I had an adjustment from Dr Penney and woke up the next morning almost pain free! The difference that adjustment made was life-changing. Don't miss out.

    Dana K
  • Dr. Penny is amazing!

    Michelle D
  • Great atmosphere and great service!

    Tony G
  • Thank God for people like Dr. Penny. There are so many doctors out there that have no clue how to treat their patients. Here at Dr. Penneys we are treated with great respect and understanding; this is why she is miles ahead of the pack. Thank you Dr. Penney and your professional and friendly staff for giving us the best care out there. You are a Blessing!

    Pat B
  • Dr. Penny is one of the best & most compassionate chiropractors you will ever see. My husband & I both have used her for many years, we just love her & her staff. Her office is peaceful & you feel like you are right at home. do yourself & your body a favor & go see Dr. Penny.

    Sarah W
  • Her adjustments always include electrostimulator & roller therapy, with a Biofreeze spray at the end. Ahhhh. The atmosphere is comfortable & relaxing. Dr & staff are warm & friendly. Dr Penney stays current with latest advancements & offers a variety of health services, including effective weight loss & products for your convenience at great prices. Do yourself a favor & visit her, so she can help you on your journey toward health!

    Dana K
  • very professional, great service, outstanding

    Jaa C